Business Impact Assessment  

Gain clarity on exactly where you and your business are now, so you know what strategy and skills you need next 

Are you ready to grow, transform or take new direction?

Here’s my advice: before you design a new strategic direction, start with understanding where you are currently at. Take a close look at what’s working well, what needs improvement. 

The goal of the assessment is to support you to have visibility into areas of your business (the foundations) and the opportunity for them to also be transformed. 

The results will be clear and rapid.  


A simple step can be transformational.


  • Be a step-by-step review walking you through the most important areas of your business 
  • Build reflective practices that support taking more conscious and intelligent action.
  • Give you clarity on your 'what's next'
  • Assess revenue, communications, operational management systems, customer experiences and so much more for the business.  
  • Identify the areas you can celebrate and areas you want to strengthen your leadership to create greater results for your strategy, board, team and customers.  

For the best results, rate each area based on your initial instinct—try not to overthink it too much. 

“I knew I wanted to be setting myself up for success, but I was focusing on all the things I needed to do, rather than how I wanted to be. Elana helped me go wide on my thinking and enabled me to have a thinking partner - something I’ve been missing. I felt supported, grounded and encouraged throughout the whole day. Any concerns I had were addressed and rationale explained. I feel like there is so much more to learn with Elana and am very grateful I was able to dive deep and accelerate my work for a full day. Elana knows her stuff.”


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